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Marie Milis Biographie


After studying mathematics and education at the universities of Louvain (Belgium) and Washington in Seattle (USA), I taught students accumulating a great many difficulties and who were dismissing school and learning.

Yet, I could see that they could become competent in mathematics. In order to help them to achieve this goal I devised many educational approaches and obtained a Master in Educational Psychology and Anthropology of Mathematics (Louvain and Paris).

Having encountered the ancient practice of self-praise, still alive in today's Africa and among indigenous people, I suggested my students to work with it. Timidly at first, then with more and more delight we started to explore this practice. Since then, I have developed a practice of self-praise adapted to the time of change we are living in and I accompany anyone who is willing to try this dignified adventure.

I train adults to become facilitators of selfpraise. I accompany teachers in research, I coach teaching staff, management teams and individuals.

My position is one of the person who learns, who is being coached by the discovery of unsuspected riches and the potentialities of directions as well as novel useful and effective know-how. Meanwhile I realised that those with low self-esteem would not believe my appreciation of their work however objective it was. I looked for a way to have them speak of their own value and talent. I found it in the ancient practice of selfpraise that I revived with my students. Today I share this existential attitude towards life with people of all professions, all ages, in different countries.

     International Recognition

  • Fulbright student in the USA from 1977 to 1981
  • Appointed expert with the General Unit of teaching and educational intervention of the University of Liège (Belgium) – December 2007
  • Appointed expert for the Fetzer Institute, Zurich Polytechnic University, for the Cortona Meetings  (Switzerland) from 2003 to 2006
  • the “Rire d’Or” price of the International School of Laughter and Happiness, Frontignan (France) – May 2016