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My vocation has always been to convey, teach, and communicate: be an agent of change, propagator of knowledge, revealer of knowledge. Also, having taught young people, I naturally became a teacher trainer and more widely of adults in search of effective proposals for the contemporary world.

Teaching today can not only be inspired by the practices of our seniors. What to do when what our teachers have devised and which worked so well for us no longer works with the youth of the twenty-first century? We must innovate, dare creativity, provide our missions with fertile and innovative expertise.

All businesses are affected, all individuals affected by the changes of value and practices that shake and stimulate modernity.


During my training, I place myself amidst the participants with their issues and questions and develop powerful tools with them.

Having formalized the practice of self-praise as both a wonderful school of dignity, self-confidence and confidence in others, and as poetry in these times of change we live in, I accompany those embarking on this adventure for themselves or professional reasons for a few hours, few days or a week in order to become self-praise facilitators.

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